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Contains Glycolic Acid Glycolic Acid

Containsglycolic acid glycolic acid, a revolutionary and exclusive glycolic acid extract that is derived from the skin's natural scarlett johannitis. This unique and exclusive extract is known for its ability to help improve skin health and to provide anti-aging benefits. With this valuable natural product, you can enjoy beautiful, smooth skin that will look and feel younger.

Top Contains Glycolic Acid Glycolic Acid Features

The glycolic acid skin peel kit contains 10-30mg of the chemical glycolic acid. It is a great tool for those with skin conditions such as skin photoensation and acne. The kit also includes a neutralizer and prep kit.
contains glycolic acid glycolic acid. The product is a fan brush that is designed to give you a strong and smooth treatment on your skin. The mask is made of pumpkin enzyme facial face mask and it is made of up to 15% glycolic acid.
contains glycolic acid glycolic acid to help skin feel the best possible feel its most toned and healthy. This face peel is made with deep professional strength glycolic acid andriott, giving you the most perfect, professional looking peel.